Our Services

Who is Tiptoe?

  • We are one of the first companies offering home Eco Audits in South Africa;
  • Our consultant, Martina Gluckman is a facilitator for Residential Eco Auditor courses in conjunction with Global Carbon Exchange, South Africa's leader in green education;
  • Martina Gluckman is an Energy Auditor and Carbon Analyst certified by GCX.

Our services:

  • Training:
  • We train yourselves and your staff in efficient behavioural measures that will save electricity, water and resources;
  • A two-day course for Residential Eco Auditing, click here for more information and course dates, please send us an e-mail
  • Eco Auditing:
  • Residential homes;
  • Holiday homes;
  • Guest houses;
  • Small retail shops.
  • Energy Audits;
  • Water Audits;
  • Eco Consulting for any residential/small retail need;
  • Service providers - we have built up a database of service providers who are dedicated to help you green your home and implement proposed retrofits and changes as laid out in your eco audit report;
  • Talks and presentations on the environmental aspects relating to residential homes.


The aim of our consultancy is:

  • To reduce the environmental harm caused by the residential sector;
  • To assist in making your lifestyle more sustainable for the planet;
  • To go beyond simply recycling and recommend changes with green benefits in all areas of your lifestyle;
  • To help homeowners to transform the way they run their private homes to become as environmentally responsible as possible with the money, time and knowledge that they have;
  • To maintain home owners' current lifestyles whilst using vastly less resources;
  • To be confidential at all times about your home and lifestyle.

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