Welcome to Tiptoe Residential Eco Auditing and Consulting

Would you like to take responsibility for your personal environmental footprint?

Would you like to improve the eco-friendliness of your home and sustainability of your domestic practices?

It's perfectly possible to be more environmentally friendly and maintain a good lifestyle.

Let us show you how to tiptoe on our fragile planet. We are here to help identify and eliminate inefficiencies and contaminants in your home and save you money on utility bills and running costs.

What is the residential contribution to global environmental degradation?

Household behavior is an important source of environmental harm and carbon emissions. Almost all human activities result in energy consumption or pollution. Every individual in a household therefore contributes his share.

  • Households are responsible for 60% of total municipality water consumption in Cape Town;
  • Households are responsible for 38% of total electricity consumption in Cape Town, of which 6% is just for residential lighting.

You can be the change you want to see!


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