The Eco Audit Report

What does the Eco Audit Report include?

We will provide you with a detailed report tailor-made for your household.
This green home management plan includes the following:

  • Water/Electricity/Waste features;
  • Historical Data analysis on Water/Electricity Consumption;
  • Efficiency Opportunities in all areas:
  • Behavioral Recommendation;
  • Operational Recommendation, i.e. retrofits and changes to increase efficiency of specific existing household functions, small and large;
  • Technical Recommendations: ie replacements or additions to individual household functions;
  • Quantified analysis of payback periods and return on investment for measures suggested in the eco management plan.

What to do with the Eco Report:

  • Follow sound recommendations in your own time;
  • Invest in sustainability according to your own financial means;
  • Improve your environmental performance step by step by adding recommended retrofits to your home.


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