Residential Eco-Auditor

Description of course content:

REA is a 2 day course which thoroughly explores the residential environment of a home and teaches the learner how to assess and identify solutions across all areas. The course outlines recommendations for behavioral changes, correct maintenance practices and green retrofits to green a home. Filled with practical exercises, videos, examples and case-studies, this course is ideal for those wanting to consult to the residential sector

Many reasons to do the course:

  • Individuals looking for a new, or part time, career in the green industry as a Residential Eco Auditor
  • Residential service providers wanting to add a competitive advantage to their services by recommending green changes to customers (interior designers, architects, plumbers, electricians, handymen)
  • Hotel and Guest owners looking to be more profitable by reducing water, electricity and managing waste streams
  • Homeowners looking to green their own houses

Benefits of the course

  • Obtain the skills to turn any home into an efficient, low-impact, cost-effective household
  • Begin a new career in the green industry by becoming a Residential Eco-Auditor
  • Learn skills that give you specialist knowledge in the Eco industry
  • Residential consultants to gain competitive advantage
  • Forms the basis for your green marketing strategy of your residential business
  • Generate extra income with a green career
  • Work in your neighborhood
  • Do more than spreading awareness: make a tangible difference to the world we live in

Course outline

  • Introduction: Why Eco auditing?
  • The Eco-Audit
    • Methodology
    • Tools
    • Report generation
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Practical examples and payback calculations in the following areas:
      • Heating and Cooling
      • Lighting
      • Appliances
      • Hot Water Systems
      • Pools and Spas
  • Water Efficiency
    • Measurement of water flow
    • Reduction strategies
    • Practical examples
    • Calculating payback
  • Waste Management
    • Waste stream facilities
    • Reduction strategies
    • Practical example
  • Domestic Contaminants
    • Environmental impact
    • Replacement and reduction strategies
  • Introduction to Renewable Energy
    • Renewable energy options
    • Basic understanding of how they work
    • Advantages and disadvantages

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