The Benefits

The benefits of investing in an Eco Consultation or Audit:

  1. Know that the professional eco management plan is the right one for your home and lifestyle;
  2. Save water;
  3. Save electricity;
  4. Save money on your running costs;
  5. Hedge yourself against future rises in tariffs;
  6. Invest in your own home and enjoy a return of up to 40% (better than any bank!);
  7. Have a healthier home;
  8. Enjoy a warm home in winter;
  9. Enjoy a cool home in summer;
  10. Save greenhouse gases;
  11. Be sustainable;
  12. Be eco-friendly;
  13. Have as small a footprint as you can;
  14. Prepare your home for energy alternatives such as solar and wind;
  15. Be assured of sound investments in sustainability and efficiency.

Who benefits from an eco audit or eco consultation?

  • Homeowners looking to reduce utility costs;
  • Homeowners wishing to green their lifestyle;
  • Homeowners planning a renovation, refurbishment or extension. We can give advice on how to incorporate eco-friendly features and long term sustainability;
  • Hotel and Guest House owners looking to reduce water, electricity and waste bills;
  • Home buyers choosing to assess the environmental performance of a home for sale;
  • …and of course every other being sharing our planet.

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